This summer, one of the fun “first time ever” things I did – long overdue – was walk from New York across to New Jersey on the George Washington Bridge. It was a bit like an obstacle course on the foot path, dodging countless lycra- clad speedy bike riders going in both directions. Not to mention breathing in exhaust and fumes from the endless onslaught of Saturday afternoon traffic coming back into the city with just a 2 1/2 foot cement barrier separating us from them.  But once in the center of the bridge, you could even feel it vibrating from the weight of all those vehicles (although I’m sure that’s also by design). 

 And the view from up therewas quite spectacular – though I don’t have a great head for heights – and so I couldn’t go too close to the edge to fully appreciate it.

But what this expedition did do was remind me of how small and puny my perspective is when I’m on the ground  and “living “in it”  and just how incredibly expansive and glorious it must be for God to see all things at every moment.

Yes, there is definitely something to be said for getting up into the ramparts to appreciate the view (Hab 2:1) and gaining the much-needed perspective that comes from taking the risks to get up there.