i lift my eyes to the hills

When I lived in southwestern Uganda for two years, one of the treats of my time there was having a breathtaking view of the Rwenzori Mountains on a daily basis. The Rwenzori’s, also called the mountains of the moon, are higher than the Alps and the Rockies, and can boast of having Africa’s third highest mountain. The waters which originate in these mountains are believed to feed the Nile River. And much of the vegetation and animals which can be found there are found only in this region.

The Rwenzoris, not well known, are quite unique: though they sit on the equator, their tallest peaks are covered in snow. On a clear day in Bundibugyo, when they weren’t shrouded in clouds, I recall seeing a sliver of snow on those peaks in the distance. It used to give me chills!

A recent documentary reveals that the glaciers on those mountains are disappearing quickly, however. If you’re a believer in climate change, or better yet, a skeptic, take a look at this short video.


Evidence that our planet indeed is getting warmer.